Welcome! Let’s Explore Conscious Evolution Together!

Human beings construct meaning as spiders make webs.
This is how we survive, our primary evolutionary business.
– Catherine Bateson
The stuff of which humans make meaning is experience, life.
-Jack L. Seymour, Margaret Ann Crain, Joseph V. Crockett
Conscious evolution is the evolution of evolution,
from unconscious to conscious choice. We are poised in this critical moment,
facing decisions that must be made consciously if we are to avoid destroying the world as we know it.
-Barbara Marx Hubbard

What kind of site is this? It’s a personal story and a collective story of conscious evolution. It also is a story of hope and a resource for supporting your own journey toward a hope-filled, meaningful, and purposeful life.

Why this kind of site? As Barbara Marx Hubbard says above, today we can consciously choose to contribute to the ongoing evolution of a more peaceful, thriving Earth Community, one day at a time, right where we are. What that takes, though, is knowing who we are and the skills to show up in the world as our best self.

Currents of Change

I was helped by the book, Cultural Creatives, to begin to name for myself the story of the Currents of Change that helped shape my own conscious evolution. Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision helped me find the key to understanding my place in evolution’s great unfolding. Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Conscious Evolution  further helped me see my life as part of the whole. My reflections on their insights and many more of today’s thought leaders are found on the “Currents of Change” and “My Journey” tabs on the site menu above.

Finding Your Own Voice

The posts on this blog are meant to help you get started reflecting on your own growth journey. I invite you to click here to begin with a meditation and journal activity I call “The River of Time.” After doing so, return here to read more about the site.PatB_255x300_P_rvKK

The Growth Never Ends

My growth continues as my awareness evolves. I will be adding new posts as time allows. To receive email notification of these new posts, click the “Follow” tab on your screen. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. Perhaps you, too, have encountered wisdom in the writings of others not mentioned here that you would like to share. It is my hope that our mutual efforts at conscious evolution will take us all into a new future offering restored hope for coming generations of Earth’s Community of Life.

I am extremely grateful to all of those who took the risk to share the story of their own life experiences and their wisdom with me, whether personally or through the written word.  I know my life is much the richer for it.

More Tips on Site Navigation

The “About” menu tab above contains more on how this site evolved. The dropdown menu there contains a link to tips on site navigation.  To be notified by email of future posts, click the “Follow” tab at the bottom right of your screen.

If you have particular “spiritual questions,” (Who is God?, Who are We?, Why Are We Here?) you also can read my reflections on these in light of the Universe Story using the “Spiritual Questions” tab.

Lastly, if you enjoy poetry, I invite you to visit and follow my companion poetry site, Pat’s Harvest.

Again, welcome to the site. Let’s keep the conversation, the learning, and our inner growth ongoing!

Pat Bombard

Please note: The opinions expressed on this site are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of any of my employers or any of the organizations with which I am associated personally or professionally.