Human beings construct meaning as spiders make webs. This is how we survive, our primary evolutionary business.

– Catherine Bateson

This site chronicles the steps of my own conscious evolution as a human being on the journey toward maturity. It is also the story of my own movement from the edge of despair to a hope-filled, meaningful, and purpose-filled life.

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Material on the site recounts the influences, reflections, decisions and practices that led me from living burdened with a sense of being out-of-place, unfulfilled, and directionless to living with a daily sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and even joy at being part of the great unfolding of Life, despite the many challenges we all face. That growth continues, and I will be adding new posts as time allows.

I hope you will be prompted by this site to begin to embark upon and construct your own story of conscious evolution.

“Pages” in the right column provide an introduction to the key steps along my pathway of evolution.  The list is in an order that corresponds with how my encounter with these topics or social movements contributed to my own conscious evolution. To read about these experiences of growth chronologically, follow the steps in the order 1-12. Feel free, however, just to leap into any step heading that looks attractive. You can read more blog posts dealing with any step by checking the “Categories” menu at the bottom of the right column. Or, you can leap into particular questions you might have using those categories.

A note of caution: reading the material on this site may prompt you to change your approach to many things in life.  I decided to write my story motivated by the assumption that we all must change or we ourselves will not survive the devastation we are inflicting upon our Earth.

That said, I also must say that this process, like all of Life’s processes, takes place over time RF245673at a rate unique to each individual.  I invite you to honor and reverence that process for yourself.  Let it unfold as gently and miraculously as the opening of a rose.  It cannot be forced, but it also cannot be stopped, as long as Life remains.

Most importantly, I want you to remember to trust your own experience.  It doesn’t have to be the same as mine.  I am pleased to invite you to open yourself up to my thoughts and ideas, but caution you to take in what you need or find helpful, and leave the rest.

Please post your reactions, thoughts, musings, questions, and comments in response to what I have collected here. I am extremely grateful to all of those who took the risk to share the story of their own life experiences and their wisdom with me, whether personally or through the written word.  I know my life is much the richer for it.

Again, welcome to the site. Let’s keep the conversation, the learning, and our inner growth ongoing!

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