Moving Toward Action Leads to HuffPost Blog Status

If you are following this blog, you will have noticed that I have not posted anything for some time. Since December 2013, I have been engaged as a member of a cohort at my university in The OpEd Project. It is an outstanding program in the U.S. focused on bringing alternative voices to the media, particularly women’s voices.

I cannot say enough about how helpful being a member of this program is. Our mentor editors, Deborah Siegel and Amy Gutman, walked us through several training sessions and individually helped us craft our written pieces. Once ready, they then helped us to “pitch” the pieces to media outlets with whom the Project has established a relationship.

This all came at a time when I was ready to be more “public” with my writing and speaking. The preparation was a huge help in getting ready for a first-time radio appearance (see link below).

In my first OpEd, written around Christmas time, my intent was to suggest that we start to create peace in the world by eliminating violent behaviors in our meetings. The editors at Quartz, a business e-magazine, seemed more taken with my identity as a Catholic sister, and the stereotypical image of that (I have never worn a habit), but in the end, that seemed to get the piece more attention nationwide. It was even retweeted (Twitter) by the Harvard Business Review.

Thanks again to my fabulous mentor-editor, Deborah Siegel, my second piece earned me blogger status at the Huffington Post.

I am pleased to share links below to the fruits of these labors, and hope that if you find them of interest, you will share them with others. Let’s all keep moving toward actions that will heal ourselves and our beautiful Earth. As always, I am grateful to be connected to you.

Finally, thanks again to the urging of Deborah and Amy, I ventured two weeks ago into the world of Twitter. To follow me there, go to: @Lead4Good

1) An OpEd in the business e-magazine Quartz on meeting violence:

2) An OpEd on the HuffPost blog exploring the “Do What You Love” movement and employee engagement:

3) Buffalo Bro Radio Show
A 28-minute recording of my conversation on DePaul Radio on February 23, 2014 with Brother Mark Elder, CM, on the role of personal transformation in leadership development, as evidenced in the life story of St. Vincent de Paul:

Shared with deep gratitude to Deborah, Amy, and everyone at The OpEd Project!

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