Site Structure and Navigation

This site is structured in three ways. You might think of them as three levels, each going deeper into the focus of the topics presented.

Wilber’s Integral Theory
The first level is an overarching structure that draws on the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber. This theory divides reality into four quadrants through which we simultaneously evolve. Two of these components address our individual evolution (interior and exterior), and two correspond with our collective evolution (interior and exterior). Wilber refers to these four quadrants as the “I,” the “It,” the “We” and the “Its.”



The importance of Wilber’s framework here is that it helps us to see that one’s conscious evolution never happens in isolation. It is promoted or hindered by the level of development within the “We,” and in turn impacts the “We,” especially as our own transformation becomes manifest in our behaviors.  Herein lies the hope for the future of our Earth, for as each of us transforms more fully toward our capacity for interdependence, so will all of us.

Currents of Change
With Wilber’s Integral Theory in mind, the next layer of the structure consists of the 12 “Currents of Change” I have identified as significant to my interior growth and development. In each of these steps new personal experiences, or encounters with new insights from the “We” met through my contact with others, stretched me and helped me to learn new, more effective behaviors. Often, these invitations to growth came as gifts; sometimes I intentionally sought them out.

You can read a description of these different the influences on my journey at the menu tab called “Currents of Change.” I list the currents in the chronological order in which I passed through them.

Feel free, however, just to leap into any heading that looks attractive to you. Once you become familiar with the description of each current, you may want to visit the “My Journey” menu tab. There, again organized by current, are initial blog posts with my reflections on the meaning and growth that took place at each stage of my journey, as well as more recent posts (the journey continues!).

Our Spiritual Questions
Lastly, another menu tab, called “Spiritual Questions,” provides access to more blog posts from my personal journey, but arranged around a few of the questions that I believe are foundational to the experience of being human. Answers to these questions are at the heart of the spiritual meaning that lies within all world religions.

I invite you into an exploration of these questions, as we all seek to find answers for them that help us address the issues in our current lives. How Spiritual Questions Web Page PhotoI came to identify these questions is a story that comes later, but here they are:

            Who Is God?

            Who Are We?

            Where Are We?

            Why Are We Here?

            How Are We To Be Here With Others?

A Note on Copyright
Finally, I want to offer a note about copyright. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the material on this site is my own work. Please feel free to print and copy any of it for personal use, such as prayer and reflection. If you intend to print it for use by others or publication, please contact me for permission.

Thank you very much for visiting this site. If you have any problems or further suggestions that might help improve the site, please let me know!