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Trusting in Our Own Way to Bloom

In recent days, I have been gifted with the opportunity to be alive during days of which, for me, is perfect weather: cloudless, cerulean, sunlit skies, a light breeze, temperatures in the mid-70’s (Fahrenheit). These days followed others filled with unusually heavy rains, which made them even more spectacular as the lawns, trees, and undergrowth of nearby forests have become a pallet of greens moving toward the lushness of early summer. Continue reading

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Why Are We Here? Ask the Roses

Scientists suggest that our planet Earth burst into life somewhere between 4 and 3 billion years ago. According to some scientists, life began on our planet when simple molecules joined together and organized themselves into more complex molecules.From that point on, things continued to develop in scope and complexity. Continue reading

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Creativity and Intention: More Thoughts on Why We Are Here

I remember vividly the day I was riding in the car on the way from Chicago to St. Louis listening to an audio tape of Wayne Dyer’s….description of the seven “faces” of intention. What he said next drew me in completely… Continue reading

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Evolving into Freedom

In the renewal period during the decades following the Second Vatican Council in the Roman Catholic Church, the women with whom I share community life affirmed our collective mission with the words: being freed and helping others enjoy freedom in God’s steadfast love. As a result, for more than 25 years now, the issue of “freedom” and what it truly concerns, have been a subject of my reflections at various points. Continue reading

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Growing With the Miracles of Life

There is a scene in the Christian Scriptures that for me calls to mind the quote above from Oliver Wendell Holmes. The scene is commonly known as “The Transfiguration.” Continue reading

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Seeing Ourselves in Nature

Recognizing as we do through the new story of the evolution of our Universe, that we are Nature – just as much as the plants and animals around us – brings us the opportunity to learn life lessons from Nature. One lesson from Nature that I use as a guide for finding my own meaning and purpose in life is the realization that all natural things have cycles in their growing. Continue reading

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Lessons from Jonah on the “Why’s?” of Life

In the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I found myself in a troubling conversation with students and colleagues about the death and devastation caused by those events. The conversation turned, understandably, to the question of how God could allow such a thing to happen Continue reading

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