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Evolving Our Way to Gender Freedom

“We live on a planet of stunning natural beauty.” That sentence is the opening line of the concert program notes for Planet Earth Live, a BBC documentary currently touring the United States. I recently attended the live concert in our lovely Grant Park in Chicago Continue reading

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Guiding Principles To Help Us Know And Become Fully Who We Are

Last weekend, I took some time to delve into my collection of books by Stephen R. Covey, management consultant and author of the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1989. Reading The 7 Habits in that year transformed my life. In fact, if I were to name the single most helpful book I have ever read, it would have to be that one. Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

According to legend, when the famous naturalist John Muir arrived as a young man in San Francisco in 1868, he asked for directions to “anywhere that’s wild.” He was told to head east for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Also according to legend, when he first trekked into the mountains far enough to reach Yosemite Valley, he was so overcome by the sight of its majestic grandeur he shouted for joy. Continue reading

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