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New Online Course on Conscious Evolution September 2018

Warm Greetings!  If you are a follower on this blog, you will know that I have not posted in quite some time.  I have been focused instead on how to adapt some of the material here as content for a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Entering the River of Time

I have imagined myself standing on the bank of the River of Time. The image came to me one day when someone asked me to explain a complicated choice I had made in life and its implications. As I pondered … Continue reading

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Called to Become Pioneers of Hope

In the United States, we are very proud of our “pioneers,” those who left familiar territory and set out to explore new lands, and blaze new trails. Leonard Doohan, an emeritus professor at Gonzaga University, suggests in his latest book, Courageous Hope, that leaders today must be pioneers still. Continue reading

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Human beings construct meaning as spiders make webs. This is how we survive, our primary evolutionary business. – Catherine Bateson This site chronicles the steps of my own conscious evolution as a human being on the journey toward maturity. It … Continue reading

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India Journal 2010 Part V: Random Thoughts On Coming Home

I returned home after my time in India on Friday, December 17th, after a long continuous journey in airports and airplanes from Cochin to Delhi and then on to Chicago. I became aware as I arrived that the trip for me was a personal journey from an experience of rural, agricultural living back to urban living Continue reading

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India Journal 2010 Part IV- A Happier Planet Might Mean Happier People, Too

Before leaving Bija Vidyapeeth, I finished reading Colin Beavan’s book, No Impact Man. I was deeply impressed by Colin’s sincere effort and struggle to live more lightly on our planet. As he progressed through his year-long experiment, Colin researched the environmental consequences of various aspects of our modern, urban lifestyle Continue reading

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