Finding Your Own Voice

As you read the material on this site, I invite you to consider the steps in your own life journey, to reflect on where they have brought you, and where they might be leading you at this point in your life. Your active pondering might take the form of journaling, or a creative activity such as photography, poetry, or even the creation of a video.

Feel free to contact me with your responses, or keep them private. Perhaps, too, you have encountered wisdom in the writings of others not mentioned here that you would like to share. It is my hope that our mutual efforts to grow in personal maturity will take us all into a new future offering restored hope for coming generations of Earth’s community of life.

Here now are some questions to start your reflection:

            What in this post reminds you of your own experience?

            What surprises or excites you?

            What challenges you?

            What seems unclear to you?

            What can you add to what is in the post from your own experience?

            What one step could you take starting today to move forward on your evolution?