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Education, Spiritual Economics, and The Third Industrial Revolution

A friend of mine recently asked me to address a group with a tradition in education. She wanted a brief lecture focusing on multi-generational and holistic approaches to education for the 21st Century. Before sharing here an adaptation of that lecture, I want to share a little background, because a surprising synchronicity emerged as I conducted my research in preparation for the lecture. Continue reading

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Our 21st Century Challenge

As I write this, it is Sunday morning. Last night, I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the mess caused by yet another flood of water in the basement of our home. This is the second time in as many years that an unusually dramatic storm Continue reading

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Who We Are As Brains Seeking Happiness – Part I

One day recently, I had an idea. It was prompted by my weeks in India last December, and my reading while there of No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. I’ve written about that experience in my “India Journal” posts on this blog….of all that I learned from Beavan, what stood out for me the most was Beavan’s poignant realization that the completely unanticipated by-product of the experiment was happiness […] Continue reading

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The Spirituality of Ethics: Growing Humans Who Serve the Common Good

Years ago, I began offering presentations on what I call, “The Spirituality of Ethics.” In these presentations, I invite people to reflect on how the new evolutionary understanding of what it means to be human might affect our understanding of ethical behavior and its opposite. Continue reading

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