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The New Cosmology: My Introduction

While on a sabbatical in 1993, and still following Madeline L’Engle’s advice to choose books on the new science for my spiritual reading, I was introduced to the work of the Passionist priest and cultural historian Thomas Berry Continue reading

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Why Are We Here? Ask the Roses

Scientists suggest that our planet Earth burst into life somewhere between 4 and 3 billion years ago. According to some scientists, life began on our planet when simple molecules joined together and organized themselves into more complex molecules.From that point on, things continued to develop in scope and complexity. Continue reading

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Evolving Our Way to Gender Freedom

“We live on a planet of stunning natural beauty.” That sentence is the opening line of the concert program notes for Planet Earth Live, a BBC documentary currently touring the United States. I recently attended the live concert in our lovely Grant Park in Chicago Continue reading

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