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We Have Forgotten Who We Are

On the same morning this past week that I read the above lines from Mary Oliver’s poem, “Invitation,” I had an extraordinary chance to practice her suggestion for living more attentive to the natural world around me. In fact several months ago, I began a new spiritual practice of daily reading a poem from one of Oliver’s books for just that purpose. Continue reading

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The History of Our Addictions

Chellis Glendinning’s long list of personal and collective addictions above is real to us all. I certainly know that I have been touched personally by all of the addictions on her list, even if I only consider a very small circle of family, friends and coworkers. Perhaps that’s why her assertions about the connections between techno-industrialized, Western society and the reality of these addictions has so much appeal to me. Continue reading

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An Invitation to Come Home to Ourselves

The quote above by Linda Weltner is printed on a small scrap of colored paper I have had lying on my desk for more than a year now. I don’t even remember when or from where I clipped it. Its message, however, touched me so deeply at the time that I placed it reverently among the other special symbols and photos that sit on my writing desk. Continue reading

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Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet: A Journey Off the Map

For the past three days, I have been driving across the United States, from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Dubuque, Iowa. Today, we will make the last leg of the journey to Chicago. As we drove, we followed much of the old “Oregon Trail,” a route that thousands of immigrants to this country took to cross the continent on foot and in wagons searching for a better life. Continue reading

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