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Wilber’s Integral View: My Introduction

It was in a course at Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) during my doctoral studies that I first read Ken Wilber, considered by some to be the premier philosopher to emerge in the late 20th Century. The introduction to his “Integral Theory” on worldviews, outlined in his book, The Marriage of Sense and Soul, was profoundly freeing for me. Continue reading

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An Invitation to Come Home to Ourselves

The quote above by Linda Weltner is printed on a small scrap of colored paper I have had lying on my desk for more than a year now. I don’t even remember when or from where I clipped it. Its message, however, touched me so deeply at the time that I placed it reverently among the other special symbols and photos that sit on my writing desk. Continue reading

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Jesus, Gandhi, and the Reason for the Season

In this post I want to share some of my own musings on the Christmas event within the context of the story of our evolving Universe. In addition, I spent the weeks between November 28 and December 20 in India, and my experiences there add to the richness of my reflections. Continue reading

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