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IDCA: Values-based Leadership in Action

Yesterday, for the third year in a row, I attended a conference sponsored by the India Development Coalition of America. Last year, I went to the conference even though I was taking a break from traveling to India because I find the conference organizers and presenters so inspiring. They all are leaders dedicated to poverty eradication and climate mitigation in India. Continue reading

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The Integral Map: States and Stages of Consciousness

In this post, I want to begin to explore more deeply Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, beginning to walk its terrain of quadrants, states, levels, lines, and types. It has been extremely helpful to me on my life journey to encounter Wilber’s theory, illustrated by the Integral Map. Continue reading

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The Integral Map: Lines of Development

In addition to our built-in capacity to individually move sequentially through different stages of consciousness (see post “The Integral Map: States and Stages of Consciousness”), we also are capable of moving through a complex array of what Ken Wilber calls “lines” of development. You already may be familiar with some of these lines. Continue reading

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