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The God of Our Experience

One of the foundational spiritual questions to be addressed in this blog is: Who Is God? I was well into my adulthood when I began to realize and examine the disconnect between the God of my experience and the God of my religion. Continue reading

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Natural Changes In The Way We Image God

For me, behind the question of God’s existence is the question of my own existence. In other words, I begin my pondering about the existence of God with the humble recognition that I cannot claim credit for my being here. None of us can. Continue reading

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The God of Our Religion

Several years ago, it occurred to me that if we are to understand the God of our religion, we must first understand religion and the role it plays in human affairs. Many people today are turning away from the so-called “formal” religions, claiming to be “spiritual but not religious.” I began to wonder if the problem is not with religion itself, but with how, over the course of human history, religion has come to be understood Continue reading

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Belonging In Our Universe

One morning this past week, while I was sitting eating my breakfast and looking westward out the dining room window, I gradually became aware that the trunks of the trees were now mottled with patches of soft, buttery light arriving upon their brown bodies from the sun rising behind me in the east. It was a slow dawning in my consciousness at first Continue reading

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Lifting Up Our Foremothers

For me, what is really at stake in our human journey today toward an uncertain future is made clear by the agenda of the ecofeminist spirituality movement. Today it is not just women’s rights, but the rights of the entire Earth community that are now of concern. Continue reading

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The Eco-Feminist-Spirituality Movement: Path of Transformation

I have been doing reading and offering workshops on ecofeminist spirituality for more than 20 years. Still, I am no expert; only someone with questions seeking answers. Discovering in ecofeminism a philosophy Continue reading

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