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EcoFeminism: Path to Freedom from Patriarchy

This week, as I prepare this post, we are having spectacular weather, the kind of cool, dry, clear, deep-blue sky days that bless the region between the humid, sultry days of summer and the frosts of autumn. On Friday, I took a few minutes out of my work preparing material for my fall courses to go sit in my favorite spot alongside the Des Plaines River Continue reading

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Evolving Our Way to Gender Freedom

“We live on a planet of stunning natural beauty.” That sentence is the opening line of the concert program notes for Planet Earth Live, a BBC documentary currently touring the United States. I recently attended the live concert in our lovely Grant Park in Chicago Continue reading

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Evolving a New Way of Being Together in Freedom

This post continues my reflections on freedom, exploring the topic from an evolutionary perspective. I am finding this perspective helpful, especially as we struggle today both globally and personally with finding a proper balance between individual rights and the common good. Continue reading

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Evolving into Freedom

In the renewal period during the decades following the Second Vatican Council in the Roman Catholic Church, the women with whom I share community life affirmed our collective mission with the words: being freed and helping others enjoy freedom in God’s steadfast love. As a result, for more than 25 years now, the issue of “freedom” and what it truly concerns, have been a subject of my reflections at various points. Continue reading

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