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IDCA: Values-based Leadership in Action

Yesterday, for the third year in a row, I attended a conference sponsored by the India Development Coalition of America. Last year, I went to the conference even though I was taking a break from traveling to India because I find the conference organizers and presenters so inspiring. They all are leaders dedicated to poverty eradication and climate mitigation in India. Continue reading

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India Journal 2010 Part V: Random Thoughts On Coming Home

I returned home after my time in India on Friday, December 17th, after a long continuous journey in airports and airplanes from Cochin to Delhi and then on to Chicago. I became aware as I arrived that the trip for me was a personal journey from an experience of rural, agricultural living back to urban living Continue reading

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India Journal 2010 Part III: All Rise Together

I left Bija Vidyapeeth on Saturday, December 5th, but mentally and emotionally still am processing my experiences there. It was difficult transitioning from life on the campus and Navdanya’s conservation farm to the Delhi hotel room where I spent two nights surrounded by things I had not seen or thought about in 12 days Continue reading

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Jesus, Gandhi, and the Reason for the Season

In this post I want to share some of my own musings on the Christmas event within the context of the story of our evolving Universe. In addition, I spent the weeks between November 28 and December 20 in India, and my experiences there add to the richness of my reflections. Continue reading

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Peace Will Come As We Accept “The Other”

Every Christmas, the dream of “Peace on Earth” is on the mind of many people. In our time, the way forward to this peace involves the current public debate around the rights of women, homosexuals and other marginalized human beings in our own society, and in societies around the world. This debate needs a way forward beyond the stalemate of differing viewpoints Continue reading

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