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Aware of Our Essential Self

Barbara Marx Hubbard, in her 2001 book, Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence, attempts to take us to a new understanding of the self. I admit I am still working on fully integrating her vision, but I am attracted to it because of its holistic nature, and its ability to bridge the divide between science and religion. Continue reading

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The God of Our Experience

One of the foundational spiritual questions to be addressed in this blog is: Who Is God? I was well into my adulthood when I began to realize and examine the disconnect between the God of my experience and the God of my religion. Continue reading

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Childhood Mystical Experience

The journey of my coming to awareness really began in my early childhood, though at the time I was ill-prepared to understand the experience….The inner, experiential nature of the moment is the thread that binds the fabric of my being. It resides at the deepest core of who I am. Continue reading

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Natural Changes In The Way We Image God

For me, behind the question of God’s existence is the question of my own existence. In other words, I begin my pondering about the existence of God with the humble recognition that I cannot claim credit for my being here. None of us can. Continue reading

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The God of Our Religion

Several years ago, it occurred to me that if we are to understand the God of our religion, we must first understand religion and the role it plays in human affairs. Many people today are turning away from the so-called “formal” religions, claiming to be “spiritual but not religious.” I began to wonder if the problem is not with religion itself, but with how, over the course of human history, religion has come to be understood Continue reading

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Is Believing in God Healthy?

For me, the question of the existence of God seems more appropriately phrased from a slightly different angle: “Do I need to believe in God?” In other words, must I think about it at all? Does it really make a difference in my daily life? Today, I know that I must answer […] Continue reading

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