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Experiencing God as “Presence”

This week I am back at our lake lodge in the Wisconsin Northwoods, joined here by the small group of friends with whom I also share community life. We regularly set aside time each summer to be here together, if at all possible. It is a precious opportunity to just enjoy the presence of one another in this beautiful, natural setting Continue reading

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Aware of Our Questions

I have an addiction to the “why” questions of life. I admit it. I wake up pondering. I shower pondering. I make my breakfast pondering. I walk pondering. I ride the bus pondering. Needless to say, I have been caught [….] Continue reading

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A Call to Reverence

Awakening to a new understanding of our spiritual identity as human beings means knowing we live in communion with the Divine and all that exists in our Universe. It means going back, in a sense, to something our ancient ancestors seemed to know instinctively or intuitively to be true about ourselves: that “relatedness” is a condition of our existence. Continue reading

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