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Aware of Our Questions

I have an addiction to the “why” questions of life. I admit it. I wake up pondering. I shower pondering. I make my breakfast pondering. I walk pondering. I ride the bus pondering. Needless to say, I have been caught [….] Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

According to legend, when the famous naturalist John Muir arrived as a young man in San Francisco in 1868, he asked for directions to “anywhere that’s wild.” He was told to head east for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Also according to legend, when he first trekked into the mountains far enough to reach Yosemite Valley, he was so overcome by the sight of its majestic grandeur he shouted for joy. Continue reading

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Seeing Ourselves in Nature

Recognizing as we do through the new story of the evolution of our Universe, that we are Nature – just as much as the plants and animals around us – brings us the opportunity to learn life lessons from Nature. One lesson from Nature that I use as a guide for finding my own meaning and purpose in life is the realization that all natural things have cycles in their growing. Continue reading

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