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Spiritual Leadership: My Introduction

It was due to life and work circumstances that I encountered as a young adult that I became engaged in reflecting on the problem of leadership development, particularly the lack of it. I have since traveled to many countries in which the story is the same: the common people would be so much better off if it were not for the greed and corruption of their corporate, national and even church leaders. Continue reading

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Spiritual Transformation Is Integral To Being Human

I have been studying the relationship between human spiritual development and leadership for nearly 20 years now. Many of us have people in our lives we would call “spiritual leaders” or “spiritual mentors”; people who we might identify as “spiritually mature.” Who are yours? What makes them so? Continue reading

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Exploring Who We Are As Spiritual and Secular

Most of the young people I know, despite having attended Catholic grade school and high school, are “Like, so done with religion.” They may describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” Many would probably consider themselves thoroughly secular. Continue reading

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More Thoughts on the Spiritual Depths of Ethics

In this post, I want to share a bit more on the insights that for me link human psychological and spiritual development with ethics. For me, there is within the insights gained from understanding this link enormous challenge, but also signs of hope. Continue reading

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Growing With the Miracles of Life

There is a scene in the Christian Scriptures that for me calls to mind the quote above from Oliver Wendell Holmes. The scene is commonly known as “The Transfiguration.” Continue reading

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Exploring the Deep Structure of Choice in Decision-making

A number of years ago I began helping groups of people, mostly women, as a facilitator of strategic planning and collective decision-making processes. These groups wanted to be more inclusive and participative in their planning and decision-making. Yet, they also were aware that they lacked as a whole the awareness and skills to do that effectively. Continue reading

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