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Ecofeminism: My Introduction

During graduate studies at Mundelein College in Chicago from 1986 to 1991, I focused most of my coursework on Christian perspectives on social justice issues. Many of my instructors there encouraged examining these issues from the perspective of the feminist agenda and critique. Continue reading

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Moving Toward Action: My Introduction

One day in the early 1990’s – in fact though I do not recall the date, I clearly remember the moment – I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and typically even then pondering the important questions in my life. That particular morning, I suddenly began to put some of the pieces of my conscious evolution and personal journey together into a future scenario. Continue reading

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Spirituality: My Introduction

In my studies at Mundelein College in the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s, I explored a number of social issues, including sexism, racism, ecology, and ethics. As I pondered the complexity of these issues, one day I began to search for a synthesis in what I was learning. I asked myself, “What do all these social problems have in common? What is at their root?” Continue reading

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Leading the Way To Understanding Spiritual Maturity

Margaret Placenta Johnston is an optometrist who spent her career dedicated to helping her patients to see more clearly. Several years ago, however, she embarked upon a quite different, though similarly motivated task: to help us all see more clearly what it means to evolve toward spiritual maturity on the inside – something she admits is not easily visible to the naked eye and therefore is not as clearly understood by most of us. Continue reading

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Spiritual Leadership: My Introduction

It was due to life and work circumstances that I encountered as a young adult that I became engaged in reflecting on the problem of leadership development, particularly the lack of it. I have since traveled to many countries in which the story is the same: the common people would be so much better off if it were not for the greed and corruption of their corporate, national and even church leaders. Continue reading

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Education, Spiritual Economics, and The Third Industrial Revolution

A friend of mine recently asked me to address a group with a tradition in education. She wanted a brief lecture focusing on multi-generational and holistic approaches to education for the 21st Century. Before sharing here an adaptation of that lecture, I want to share a little background, because a surprising synchronicity emerged as I conducted my research in preparation for the lecture. Continue reading

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