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Self-Awareness: My Introduction

While my first step on the journey of conscious evolution involved coming to know myself as interconnected with others and all of creation, my next step was to learn more about my own inner life. Continue reading

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Spiritual Transformation Is Integral To Being Human

I have been studying the relationship between human spiritual development and leadership for nearly 20 years now. Many of us have people in our lives we would call “spiritual leaders” or “spiritual mentors”; people who we might identify as “spiritually mature.” Who are yours? What makes them so? Continue reading

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More Thoughts on the Spiritual Depths of Ethics

In this post, I want to share a bit more on the insights that for me link human psychological and spiritual development with ethics. For me, there is within the insights gained from understanding this link enormous challenge, but also signs of hope. Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

According to legend, when the famous naturalist John Muir arrived as a young man in San Francisco in 1868, he asked for directions to “anywhere that’s wild.” He was told to head east for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Also according to legend, when he first trekked into the mountains far enough to reach Yosemite Valley, he was so overcome by the sight of its majestic grandeur he shouted for joy. Continue reading

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