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Integral Transformation: Part I – Diving Deep

Toward the end of my work on a doctor of ministry degree, one of my professors introduced me to the work of Victor Turner. His insights provide a significant contribution to understanding the actual processes that lead to human and societal transformation. Continue reading

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Integral Transformation: Part II – The Role of the Ritual Elder

During my graduate studies, I had the good fortune to study with Robert L. Moore, a professor of psychoanalysis, culture, and spirituality at Chicago Theological Seminary. Moore, in his book, The Archetype of Initiation: Sacred Space, Ritual Process, and Personal Transformation builds upon the work of Viktor Turner on the rites of passage involved in individual and social transformation by drawing upon his own experience as a Jungian analyst. Continue reading

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Integral Transformation: Part III – The Way Forward

My personal quest for more than 20 years now has been to find a pragmatic approach to the question: How does transformation toward health – personal and societal – happen? How, for example, does someone like Nelson Mandela get shaped and formed into the statesman whose values and actions so many could admire? I gained tremendous help in this search through my professor at Chicago Theological Seminary, Robert L. Moore, and his introduction to the work of Victor Turner, particularly their lessons in regard to ritual leadership. Continue reading

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Eco-Feminist Spirituality: Moving Toward Social Transformation

Much of the hope for me in the discovery of the ecofeminist spirituality movement is in the fact that it is precisely that: a movement. So, as we begin to explore more of what the movement is all about, and what its implications are, I find it helpful first to keep in mind certain characteristics of social movements Continue reading

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Peace Will Come As We Accept “The Other”

Every Christmas, the dream of “Peace on Earth” is on the mind of many people. In our time, the way forward to this peace involves the current public debate around the rights of women, homosexuals and other marginalized human beings in our own society, and in societies around the world. This debate needs a way forward beyond the stalemate of differing viewpoints Continue reading

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