An Integral Vision

Integral means integrative, inclusive, comprehensive, balanced;
the idea is to apply this integral orientation to the various fields of
human knowledge and endeavors, including the integration of
science and spirituality.
– Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber, whom some consider the premier philosopher to emerge in the late 20th Century, developed “Integral Theory.” The theory presents us with a new vision of what Wilber calls, “The Kosmos,” using the Greek term that refers to the totality of existence, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

Wilber’s integral vision of the Kosmos offers a way of orienting ourselves in an evolutionary Universe by offering an integration of the developmental theories from virtually all fields of human knowledge, among them: biology, ecology, physics, anthropology, neurophysiology, psychology, sociology, economics, philosophy, and religion, including the mystical traditions.

As he studied the development schemes from these various fields of knowledge, Wilber realized that all of the data fit into four categories, which he designed as quadrants in his model. These four quadrants “map” the story of evolution, both internal and external, for the individual (from cells to humans) and the collective (from societies to galaxies). At each stage of evolution, notes Wilber, the process both transcends and includes what went before.

Wilber’s theory also makes the case for an evolving interrelationship between personal and cultural transformation. His model illustrates how new behaviors practiced by even just one person do make a difference, and can even break the pattern of an addictive or otherwise dysfunctional organization. Therefore, his theory has significant implications for leadership and organizational life. These implications are the foundation for the work of Don Beck, who has developed his own version of the evolutionary aspects of cultural development, known as “Spiral Dynamics.”

Integral Theory is now being applied in many fields, including business. It provides the underlying vision and motivation for the creation of this site.

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