Spirituality means waking up.
Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep.
– Anthony de Mello
The adventure of awakening is among the most universal of human dramas.
It takes every possible form, and thus it’s an utterly creative, unpredictable, and
unprogrammable process…. It can be experienced as an ordeal of transformation,
a process of “blossoming,” or as a romance with God.

– Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard, and Marco Morelli
God may be preparing a great awakening for the world,
if God can find enough people to cooperate in this mysterious plan.
– Thomas Keating

Awareness is the capacity to notice and respond to stimuli coming to the brain through the sense organs. For humans, as our sense organs and brains evolved in complexity, our capacity for awareness emerged into the experience we call “consciousness.”  Individually, we can evolve our own level or degree of consciousness by becoming more adept at controlling our brain and listening to our senses.

In spiritual terms, awareness is about “waking up” to fully experience the present moment and our place within reality. In some traditions it is known as “enlightenment.”

In his Integral Vision of reality, Ken Wilber suggests that human societies and cultures also go through a progressive process of development in awareness.  He also warns us, however, that it personally makes no difference how “enlightened” the culture into which a person is born might be. The “bad news,” Wilber notes, is that each of us begins the journey of integral conscious evolution “at square one.”

Yet, the hopeful news in Wilber’s integral theory is that all of reality is interrelated. Therefore, any steps we take to promote our own conscious evolution can and do affect not only our own lives but the lives of all we touch – perhaps even the ongoing unfolding of our Universe itself.

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Thomas Keating, among others, suggest that our present moment, with its multiple, global crises, is inviting all of humanity to its next step in conscious evolution.

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